The Open Hive

Working on Projects

The Open Hive is the first ever community based games company! You can work on real mobile games in your free time and earn cash along the way. This is achieved through the completion of Tasks found within our Projects. By completing tasks you can earn honeycombs for a particular project. Each project has a honeycomb value thermometer which, as it fills, reaches milestones. At each milestone honeycombs are cashed for an increasing amount. By owning honeycomgs for a project, you will earn the milesone value for every honeycomb you own across every milestone reached.

Selecting Your Project

Our projects can be found in the project section of our platform. Here you can see all there different games available to work on. From here you can also link to the tasks available for that project. You can decide which projects genres, game engines and art styles match your taste and work on them accordingly.

We are always working to add new projects so keep your eyes peeled! A project will only be listed if there are tasks still available!

Value Thermometer & Milestone Payments

By clicking into a project, you can see the tasks available and the Value Thermometer. This represents the milestones required to get paid on your honeycombs, as well as how much you will get paid. The first milestone is always completion of the project and is the smallest value. This means by completing a project, you are guaranteed some money, regardless of how well the game performs. Once the game is live, the remaining milestones are based on total, legitimate downloads of the game. Everytime a download milestone is reached, everyone gets paid the milestone value on their honeycombs. How far the game gets down the thermometer will be based on how popular it finally becomes.

Its is important to note, you can own many honeycombs for a single project. The milestone value in the thermometer is for a single honeycomb. Therefore if you have 10 honeycombs when it reaches a $1 milestone value, you get $10. Furthermore, you will get paid everytime a milestone is hit across all your honeycombs for that project.

Game Types & Game Engine

We offer mobile games currently on The Open Hive developed in Unity. We will be looking to add in Projects across other game engines such as Unreal Engine. Furthermore we will be looking to start Projects across other platforms as well as mobile, such as Playstation & xBox.

Task Types & Accepting Tasks

Underneath the thermometer milestones within a project, you can find the tasks available for that project. We have two types of Tasks, Development and Design. Development projects have a blue background and include coding, using font and assets premade and writing scripts. Design tasks have a pink background and involve creating assets, modelling and animation.

As well on this page, you can see the title and type of the tasks, as well as a short description of the task itself. Below that, you can find the difficulty of the tasks, the time limit to submit your finished article as well as the honeycomb reward for that task. They honeycomb reward is directly tied to the difficulty and size of the task.

By accepting a task, you can access the full details of that task and the time limit begins. You will get access to any required assets, information & wireframes as well as the completion levels and requirements to earn the honeycombs. You can only work on 1 task per project at a time.

Completing & Uploading Tasks

Once your task is completed in Unity, you must zip your files and upload them to the file submission tool within the task. Once uploaded, your files will be reviewed by our team. They will test your upload against the requirements to make sure it ticks all the boxes. They will then decide what level of completion your task has earned.

Our review process can take anywhere between 3 and 5 days. Please be patient during this time.

Task Completion Levels

There are two levels to every project: COMPLETE and MASTER. COMPLETE is defined as the minimum to complete the Project or requiring minimal extra work from our developers. This level rewards 50% of the final honeycomb amound. MASTER is defined as going the extra mile and covering extra bases. It requires no extra work from our developers and earns the full honeycomb value.

The requirements to fulfill each level is found within the task. If the submission is not given the level you aimed for, you will have the opportunity to reattempt for a higher level. If the submission is not good enough to get the lowest level of completion, then it will be rejected and a reattempt possibly not offered.

Reattempting Tasks

After review, your task will be available to see your score and the reviewers notes. You can then exchange the task for the honeycombs or open a reattempt. If the highest level completion is fulfilled, no reattempt will be offered. You can choose to reattempt successful submissions which did not hit the highest level, or cash in for the level achieved.

In the event of the submission not reaching the lowest level, the reviewer will decide if a resubmission is offered. Valid attempts or close attempts will be offered a reattempt. Anything careless or not close will be rejected and the task will be available to others.

Cashing Your Honeycombs

Once you collect your honeycombs, they become visible in the honeycombs section of your Profile. You will also be able to track their value over time. You can also pick up more honeycombs for the same project by completing more tasks.

From this section you can also cash your honeycombs each time they reach a milestone. We will not store any payment or bank information from you prior to cashing in order to better protect your data.