The Open Hive

Starting Your Portfolio

One of the many ways you can customise your profile here at The Open Hive is by starting your own portfolio. Found in the Portfolio section of your profile, you can upload your own Images & Videos of work you've been doing in your free time, which others can like and find access to your other social medias pages.

Uploading your own assets

You can upload your assets in the Portfolio section of your Profile page. The upload accepts all file types however, currently, the files will be cropped to a square shape. All assets uploaded must go through a verification process by a member of our team before they are visible to everyone.

You can see how many assets you have waiting in verification in your Profile as well as all the assets you have live. You may delete your assets at any point from your profile page through the delete button found on each image. You must be registered as an Open Hive member in order to like other peoples assets or upload your own to start your own portfolio.

Syncing Your Social Media & Sharing Your Portfolio

You can link your Social Media to your Profile in the Settings section of your profile. This is found by clicking the edit button below your username and level. You can link up to 4 social media accounts across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn & Twitter by completing the links in the Settings section.

Once you enter these social media links, links to all your social media accounts will appear on every asset you upload as well as being clicable from your profile page. You can also link users to your Open Hive page itself by clicking the "Share Profile" button in the bottom left of the screen. This will copy a link to your Profile page to share with others so they can see your portfolio, as well as link to the rest of your social media accounts.

Get Featured on our Social Media

We will tweet and post across Instagram and Facebook user assets uploaded to Profiles as often as possible. Our posts will always link to your Open Hive portfolio, as well as all other social media accounts your have linked to your profile.

By uploading your assets to your Open Hive portfolio, you give us the right to share your posts with full credit to you and your synchronised social medias at the time of posting.

The Showcase

Our showcase features assets uploaded to Portfolios across The Open Hive. From here assets can be viewed, liked & profiles visited. We have two filters for our showcase currently, randomly ordered or by likes highest to lowest.

You must be an Open Hive member to like users assets. By liking other users assets, you help other members understand what is best in their portfolio so that they can help build a stronger portfolio. All assets in the showcase will have Social Media accounts linked so that you can find more from that contibutor. It is important you support eachother will follows & likes across The Open Hive and other social medias.

Deleting Your Account

Should you wish to delete your account, you can do at anytime via the "Delete Account" button in the Profile Settings page.

When you delete your account, you delete all information about you. We do not store assets you have uploaded, social medias you have linked or any other information about you.