The Open Hive Overview

The Open Hive development cuts out the middle man for freelance developers to spend more time working and less time being onboarded into the project. Access downloadable starting files, annotated images with colors, fonts and positioning as well as the ability to export any assets you need in the sizes you need as soon as you enter the project. Complete the project and upload it to claim your money! With The Open Hive's milestone payment system you can get paid multiple times for the same piece of work. Get paid upon completion of your tasks, again when the whole project is completed as well as at milestones throughout the games lifecycle. This means one small task can turn into thousands of dollars in payment.

Selecting Your Task

Tasks are selected with the Projects section of the platform. There are two types of task: Development (Blue) and Design (Pink).

The task cards within the projects section of the platform give a high level of what the task is and how much it earns. The cards colour dictates whether the task is a development or design task with the top bar text indicating what platform should be used the complete it. Development tasks are often completed directly inside the projects selected game engine whereas design tasks are usually completed inside platforms such a Photoshop, Maya and Blender. Development tasks also usually have predefined assets for use whereas design tasks are creating those assets. Within the task card itself is the task Title and a high level description of what is involved. Below this you can find by the time given to complete it upon its selection and the difficulty of the task in terms of its complexity and knowledge requirements. Below this you can find the amount of honeycombs the task earns. This is the currency you use to cash in at every milestone as outlined in the “Milestone Payments” section. By clicking on the task, you can open up more details about the task as well as some idea of what starting files will be provided.

Accepting and Completing a Task

To accept a task you must have an Open Hive account. Once you accept a task it is no longer available for other users to accept. You will also then gain access to the full task details as well as interactive mock-ups and wireframes. To complete the task, you must upload a single zip file containing all of your work.

By clicking on a task you are able to access a screenshot of the mock-up and the first part of the description. This allows you to decide if you would like to accept the full task. Once you have accepted the task, the timer to the deadline begins and the full task details become available.

Within the task details you have access to a full and detailed description of the task, starting files which can contain anything from start code to folder structure and access to a fully interactive Figma mock-up. The figma mock-up allows you to see fonts, colours, dimensions and positioning of elements, as well directly export assets in a variety of sizes for use within the project. You must sign up with a free Figma account in order to access this. You will also see the acceptance criteria, which bullet point the specific things we will be testing against in our review.

You can access your tasks at any point from the task manager on your profile. This allows you to return to your tasks as well as keep track of the status of all tasks you have completed. Once you have completed the task, you must upload a single zip file containing all of your work to the task itself. You can confirm that this has been done correctly as the status of the task will change to “In Review” and the task timer will no longer exist.

Our review process can take anywhere between 0 and 3 working business days depending on the size and complexity of the task. Please be patient and keep checking back your task manager to see when this status changes.

Rejected Tasks & Extensions

If your task to does meet the requirements exactly you may be asked to make alterations. In this case, a sum of payment will be offered for the work so far or you may accept an extension in order to complete the task for the full payment. If the completion of the task is too poor for us to use in any way, it may be rejected entirely in which case no some of money will be offered.

In the case of an unaccepted task, we will try to offer the option to get paid for what you have achieved so far or get an extension as often as possible. The amount you get paid for what you’ve done so far can anywhere between 50% - 90% of the original payment amount. If you choose to accept this, the chosen amount will be added to your cash out balance. If you choose to accept an extension, the deadline timer will reset with the extra time and the task will move back into in progress. In either case, we will offer as detailed response notes and possible as to the reason your task did not get accepted outright and you will have these notes available throughout your extended time to help fix whatever bugs or issues are preventing an accepted task. In the rare event that the task is completely unusable and we do not believe more time will help fix the issue, we reserve the right to reject the task outright. In this case, the task will become available once again to all users and you may be blocked from being able to accept it again. If the reasoning for rejection is due to lack of ability or misunderstanding of the task, you may find it better to look at easier difficulty tasks and build your skill set. If your task rejection is due to nothing submitted, something malicious submitted or clearly no effort made, this may put a mark against your account which could eventually lead to your account getting suspended. Again, in the instance of a rejection, a full detailed notes outlining why your task was rejected will be provided.